Demolition & Dismantlement

With EIG’s turnkey approach, our clients can work with one company that takes full responsibility and keeps to the schedule.  We provide comprehensive service packages based on self-performance and the most advanced industry leading technology.


Complete Structure Demolition
Industrial / Commercial / Institutional / Heavy Highway / Government

Investment Recovery / Asset Recovery

Site Clearing

Heavy Interior Strip Outs
MEP / Reinforced Concrete & Equipment

Environmental Remediation

When environmental issues are uncovered during demolition, those concerns would typically bring the job to an immediate halt. With EIG, our crews are cross-trained to handle on-the-job concerns expertly without project interruption. We handle routine as well as out-of-the ordinary environmental cleanup issues with our skilled specialists trained in multidisciplinary fields.


Contaminated Soil & Groundwater Remediation

Lagoon & Pond Remediation

Landfill Cap & Closures

Asbestos Abatement

Hazardous Materials Remediation


Brownfields Redevelopment

Transportation & Disposal of Waste

Dewatering & Containment

Installation of On-site Treatment Systems

Asbestos Abatement

EIG’s licensed tradesmen understand the nuances involved, and balance schedule with safety in compliance with all regulatory requirements.


Thermal Systems Insulation

Spray Applied / Trowel Applied Acoustical Ceilings

Roofing Materials

Floor Tile & Mastic

Transite Siding

ACM Coatings

Concrete Services

EIG’s skilled workforce, along with our fleet of state-of-the-art specialty equipment, allows us to tackle any concrete project, regardless of complexity and size. We provide a range of cutting and coring services to owners, contractors and engineers as part of our turnkey package or as a separate contract.


Core Drilling

Rock Drilling

Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic Splitting

Saw Cutting

Slab Sawing

Wall Sawing

Wire Sawing

Metal Cutting

Pile Cutting

Sawing & Sealing

Engineered Rigging & Removal of Systems

Investment Recovery / Asset Recovery

The goal of EIG’s investment recovery division is to ensure that our clients receive the highest possible return for surplus assets at the least possible expense, while concurrently balancing that profit against compliance and consideration for sustainability.


Compliance with environmental, legal, statutory & regulatory requirements